Zoho Docs is an online file management software that works efficiently for teams of every size and caters to the needs of each individual user. This application allows its user to store everything online, which ranges from documents to images. By the ease in saving docs and images over the cloud, users and large organizations can easily work efficiently without going through the trouble of carrying individual documents.


Moreover, one can also save spreadsheets and presentations over Zoho Docs as it enables them to easily hold meetings remotely. In addition to the storage of the aforementioned file formats, users can even save their music, movies and carry it wherever they go. This exempts the users from the trouble of carrying pen drives or hard disks. The application serves as one unique platform for all the needs of a business, as it stores everything in a centralized location. With Zoho Docs, the user can also manage who can have access to the files and folders that are stored over the web.

What is Zoho’s Virtual Drive Feature?

Zoho offers organizations with a virtual drive that allows free storage space of up to 5 GB. It enables the users to upload files over the web individually, or to select and send multiple files at a time. Zoho Docs also provides efficiency in the work by supporting zipped file format so that high amounts of data can be carried over a singular and particular file. The Zip file format enables the extraction of files by unzipping them and the users can store it as per the desired categories and subtypes. This feature eliminates the need for a user to sort every document file individually.


Additionally, one can also transfer their entire folders and subfolders without having to go through the pain of scrambling the contents. With the easy and categorized management of files, the users can skip downloading the attachments that are sent over emails and save them directly to their desktop. Also, users can send files directly to Zoho Docs from their personal email accounts without even having to log in.

Syncing Feature over Zoho Docs

The sync feature of Zoho Docs works effectively with proper integration with Mac, Windows and other platforms. Through the application’s direct link with cloud, the time that is taken by the users to upload their latest files is reduced. This application works perfectly over any platform and is available offline as well. Additionally, Zoho Docs also offers users with a backup feature to gain access to their files whenever needed. It eliminates the chances of losing data as everything is stored safely over Zoho Cloud. Additionally, with its two-way sync feature, Zoho Docs allows the users to continuously write and save all their data in real-time. The changes made to the files that are stored and shared with other users can be seen, both online and offline. Editors using your desktop or mobile device can have a history of the document that was edited.


For the large-scale organizations having a much larger workforce, Zoho Docs enables them to maintain a sheet and also supports working with files of any format, be it HTML, .docx, .odt and others. This application tracks meeting minutes to provide an insightful analysis of the main curriculum, agenda and effectiveness of the meetings and conferences. The data stored over this software can also be circulated for carrying out HR management. To enable an efficient working of a team over a single project, Zoho allows its users to work together over product strategies. It also enables the writing of blogs with the facility of exporting them directly to HTML format, for easier conversion and sharing.

Something for the Organizational Use

Zoho Docs allows the Head or the managers of organizations to jointly work in collaboration with the team for striving towards the completion of a given task. Admins can also monitor the activities of the teams and allow them with an overall tracking of the detailed activities, thus enhancing the productivity of teamwork. With customizable reports, it becomes easy to understand the talent pool and keep an eye on the total performance along with the total scalability of a project. Additionally, Zoho Docs also allows the admins of the organization to access stats and audit trails.

Safety over Zoho Docs

Being an all-in-one software for creating and storing various files, users might be worried about the safety of their files and documents over Zoho. This software’s WorkDrive is built to cater to the needs of the business and comply with industry-specific standards such as SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001. Moreover, for the increased and enhanced safety and security, Zoho also complies with the EU-U.S and Privacy Shield Framework for a defence-in-depth approach that enables a multi-layer firewall for the successful security of data at different levels, both online and offline.


Also, to ensure and win a user’s trust, Zoho’s data centres comply with the standards as it hosts its servers in secured locations. The WorkDrive servers over this software and the interface of the users are safe with RSA-based 2048-bit encryption key and SSL, to ensure complete and overall protection to the essential data saved over Zoho.


Lastly, for the improved safety and security of the users against the tampering of data, users can manually monitor the functions and performance of their fellow team members. Zoho Docs aims to provide a complete solution towards the Cloud operations of a single user or a large team in a given organization. This software maintains privacy at all levels, be it employee-to-employee or employee-to-management. The safety and security features of the application provide its user with an increased sense of safety, leading to an efficient working environment.