Your go-to smart guide to start a new business venture:

With the increased number of smartphones, there is also an increase in the craze of shopping. With eCommerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart etc, the needs and choices have increased making users addictive to use the app.

Wouldn’t it be a good time for you to start the business and become the Best eCommerce platform? But before going on to development, we have to look into the most important features that can make the app more interesting and simple.

Log-in: Without having to dump the customers with an option to log-in let them browse their products, as guests. They can also be allowed to log in using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Search: The products search should be really fast with indexing that puts customer into ease for finding their products. The search bar should have filter, auto-correct, autocomplete etc.

Reviews: The reviews are an important ingredient in the app since according to research, customers trust reviews 12 times better than a product description.

Checkout: There are a lot of users who would add their products to the cart, but then abandon it because of the shipping charges and also because of the log-in option. These would make the user deter from your app. So, adding guest checkout is the best way.

Payment Gateway: As this is sensitive information, your app should be 100% secure. Make multiple payment options available like credit, debit cards, net banking etc, to make your app user-friendly.

Though only a few are mentioned above, there are a lot more features.

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