In the fast-paced life, people do not find the time to do household chores. An app like Uber for laundry has great prospects in the coming years. By 2024, the on-demand laundry sector is expected to reach $92.6 billion. Appdupe understands the tight-packed customers’ schedule, so they have developed Uber for the laundry services app with a simple workflow.

  • Customer schedules for laundry pickup. 
  • The delivery person tracks the customers’ place using the GPS and locates it seamlessly.
  • The order status is updated at every stage through push notifications.
  • Once the order is ready and delivered, the customer can pay using secure payment gateway options.
  • They can rate the delivery agent and service providers.

The simple and effective Uber for laundry service app is bound to become part of people’s smartphones. Visit our website to learn more about the attractive clone app solutions we offer.