Oppo always brings to you the best technology and that too on a budget. Oppo’s new A series are the best smart phones, which will give you your money’s worth. This Jan 2021 gets the great deals on Oppo A series smart phones. So, lets take a look at some of the best deals on some of the best Oppo A series phones.


Get 42% off on your new Oppo A5. The best deal which you cannot resist and should not resist.


This smart phone gives you 3 GB of RAM with the storage space of 64 GB. Enjoy the best wide angle Quad camera experience Oppo has to offer. You will get rear cameras with 12, 8, 2 and 2 MP, whereas get 8 MP front camera.

Get 6.5 inches of wide screen with multi touch and capacitive screen. This beautiful phone has 89 % screen to body ratio. Steam HD videos on the wide screen display of your phone. Enjoy the streaming fun with a great smoothness and crystal clear picture quality.

Get lightning-fast speed with Snapdragon 665 and Adreno 610 GPU. It is Android 9 compatible. With such powerful specs, you know you are holding the most powerful device in your hand.


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This smart phone by Oppo gives you 4 GB of RAM with the storage space of 128 GB. It runs on powerful Snapdragon 665 and an Adreno 610 GPU. Enjoy the best viewing experience on your Oppo A9 with its wide screen of 6.5 inches.

A9 gives you the best camera experience you can ever imagine. It has been equipped with five cameras, to give you extraordinary picture quality. Get the whopping 48 MP pictures from the rear cameras and take perfect selfies with 16 MP front camera.

Enjoy almost 11 hours of watching HD videos with its ultra-powerful 5000MAH battery. Feel the power with its reverse charging feature. Charge all other devices with your Oppo A9.

Get the most out of your gaming experience with Game Boost 2.0. It combines with Snapdragon 665 to give you larger than life gaming experience. Play games on your phone like never-before.


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Get the memory of 4GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 64 GB. It is Android 10 compatible. Take pictures like a professional, with Oppo A53. It has three cameras of 13, 2 and 2 MP working together to give your crisp pictures and video quality.

It gives you super battery of 5000MAH with ultra-fast charging speed. Plus, the great power saving mode will keep your phone alive for a long time.

With super-fast 90Hz refresh rate, you can stream HD videos or play heaviest games smoothly. Such a killer display gives life to your videos and images. You will get lost in the screen of this smart phone.


These were some of the Oppo A series phones, which have great deals on them for smart phone lovers out there. Such great deals which you cannot resist are here for you. So, before this year ends, end your search for the best smart phone for yourself. Choose from these phones or select from a wide range of smart phones from Oppo. Visit oppostore.co.uk and get the most attractive deals on Oppo smart phones.