Natural rubber in its natural state is somewhat elastic but not as strong as to turn it into tires, rubber bands, or chewing gums. Unvulcanized rubber (natural rubber) does not always react to its original shape, it very sticky and can easily be deformed. So in order to make rubber more strong and durable, we add chemical compounds to change the natural rubber. The process is called vulcanization and the chemical compounds are called vulcanizing agents (or accelerators)

During the process, sulfur (one of the most common vulcanizing agents in rubber) and other additives are introduced to create a way to bridge or connect the polymer chains that already exist in the rubber.

By the end of the vulcanizing process, we get the rubber that can be used more readily due to its durability, strength, and its non-stick properties. And without vulcanizing agents in rubber we don’t have the rubber that we use so often.