If you have a unique idea for a mobile app and want to reach a wider audience in one go, then cross-platform app development could be a great alternative instead of native app development. It is comparatively a time-saving and cost-effective solution. The next question that comes in the picture is which framework to choose for mobile app development! Amongst several frameworks available in the market, React Native is one of the most preferred choices of the developers, entrepreneurs as well as app development companies.

This article covers an overview of React Native development and its advantages in brief.

A Brief Introduction to React Native

React Native is a leading cross-platform app development framework developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. He developed this framework for simple development and ensuring a better user experience in the apps. It is an open-source framework that allows creating mobile apps only with Javascript. This framework is used for building powerful native-like apps which don’t differ from the apps developed in Objective-C, Java, Swift, etc.

There are many big players in the business world that have used React Native mobile app development in their projects. A few of them are UberEats, Skype, Delivery.com, Instagram, Facebook, Vogue, Facebook, Bloomberg, Tesla, etc.

Top Reasons to go for React Native Development

  • Rapid development and cost-effectiveness React Native development allows code re-usability i.e. the same code is used for both platforms- Android and iOS. This makes the job of developers quite easier. They don’t need to write separate code for different platforms as almost 90% of the code can be re-used. This accelerates the speed of the project and also reduces the cost of development to a great extent.
  • Community SupportReact Native has the support of community experts for any issue. Developers share their experience online and also, there is documentation related to React Native open for everyone in the community. Along with the GitHub community, it has the active support of Facebook. The Facebook team also works on the improvement of this framework and keeps innovating new features, libraries, etc. in it. Also, companies like Microsoft, Software Mansion, Infinite Red, Callstack, etc. have contributed their bit to this framework. Many of the components and libraries in React Native are built by community developers on sites like Native Directory and JS.coach. So, the developers in a React Native development company can get active support in case of any technical issues.
  • Third-party plugin support Usually, third-party plugins are not that secure to be used and so, the developers face difficulties while using them. However, React Native is a very flexible framework and allows using third-party plugins with ease. There are pragmatic interfaces in this framework that have customization options.
  • Simpler user-interfaceReact Native is more like a JavaScript library which has a simplified user interface. The user interfaces designed in React Native have lesser loading time, they are more responsive and the apps built in it have a smoother feel.
  • Declarative coding styleThe declarative coding style in React Native makes the development understandable and flexible for the developers. It streamlines the development process. The code is easier to read and understand, simply by looking at it.
  • Modular architectureReact Native has a modular architecture which lets the developers segregate the functions of the program into several blocks called modules. These modules are free and interchangeable. This architecture helps to make the programming more flexible. Also, it becomes easier to upgrade apps quickly. The modules can even be reused for mobile and web APIs.
  • Plenty of Tools and LibrariesReact Native Developers get abundant advantages in development because of the tools and libraries like NPMs, Github forks and other third party platforms. These tools provide libraries for integrating maps, standard UI controls, etc.


React Native is a futuristic framework meant for cross-platform mobile app development. It is clear from the above-mentioned benefits that why so many businesses prefer to React Native development services for their projects. It is constantly evolving and saves a lot of time and money for developers. It may not be the perfect solution for every app idea, yet it is one of the highly preferred frameworks in the development world.

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