Why Airbnb Clone Is Gaining Popularity in Rental Booking Industry?

The rental booking industry is one of a powerful area. Customers can book any places from their favorite resort online no time with just a smartphone and an app. The only investment for the merchant starting this business is the app solution. Once it is developed, he has to get on-board various service providers at an attractive commission.

OYO, HomeToGo, Flipkey are some top renal booking startups and many other small and medium startups are also present.

Business Module Of SpotnStay Airbnb Clone

SpotnStay is an online hotel booking script, vacation rental script. Our SpotnStay consists of three stakeholders admin, host, and customer panels, etc. By using our SpotnStay product, a host can upload their rooms with the required pictures, details, availability, etc. Once the listing gets approved by admin, it will get listed on the front-end website. 

The customers or travelers can use this space will traveling. When a traveler pays the amount to the corresponding host, the admin gets some commission amount from the corresponding host. By using this mechanism, both the host and the admin can make money with it easily. Our SpotnStay is best suited for entrepreneurs and startup companies.

SpotnStay sets you to launch your rental marketplace immediately in the market. You can build a minimum viable product of your marketplace or a qualified comprehensive featured website, being user-friendly for customers.

Enhanced pricing and availability rules

To support more complex rate management and give hosts greater control over how guests book, there are now additional pricing and availability settings. Rates can be adjusted within the individual listing or through the multi-calendar tool. Hosts can also create and save detailed pricing and availability rule-sets to account for seasonality or special events throughout the year.


For Travelers:

Book hotels or homes and experiences for your next journey, Search for “last-minute” accommodations and “long-term rentals” Save your favorite homes, hotels, travel sites, experiences, places and invite friends and family to plan the tour with you. Add experiences and events to your journey. Send a message to your host and get directions to reach your home. Receive alerts for hotel check-out times and more. Share itineraries with family and friends via email or text message.

For Hosts:

List your property and lead experiences it showcases, how to make your city perfect. Update your listing and calendar availability. Share what’s special about your neighborhood with a host itinerary. Send messages to guests and manage their reservations. Secure Payment Gateway.Instant Message between host and the admin

Using SpotnStay, you can customize to book your hotels, flights, rental cars, cruise, apartments, events registration!

  • Profiles
  • Property filter
  • Room details
  • Translation
  • Map
  • Messaging
  • Add to favorites
  • Invitation to friends

We know all the features that you will require, SpotnStay will now separate the Airbnb clone app into the various features and components and afterward determine how long and how much it can possibly take to develop them. 

Quick launch

Nowadays the rental booking business is the topmost business in the world with a growth rate of 17%. We are doing various on-demand projects across 20 countries. This year SpotnStay is focusing on across more than 25 countries. SpotnStay team launch many new ideas depend on postmodern society. 


It is important to look at the major factors that determine the Airbnb app cost. These comprise of mainly the features that should be included in your Airbnb clone app.

Upcoming & previous trips:

Guests can access and track their past and future reservations from the “Previous and Upcoming Trips” screen. They can access their itinerary and receipts of each reservation. They can also cancel any upcoming reservations from this screen.

Wrapping up!

Don’t waste your time, come and fulfill your dreams using SpotnStay. Multi testing which includes beta testing is carried out on the app to ensure reliability; UI/UX part of the app is meticulously designed to ensure smooth customer usability, and the Laravel framework is used for web app development which is advanced in the market. SpotnStay Airbnb clone is on the deck, the excellent frequency to start your business. SpotnStay had idiosyncratic features for our solution.