The grocery delivery app has been beneficial to people for their regular purchases. Currently, with the Coronavirus situation, more users are purchasing through Online grocery services. When it comes to the development cost, several factors determine it. Here are two ways to acquire an Instacart clone app.

  • The first method involves hiring a group of developers and building the Instacart clone app script from scratch. In order to do this, the app owners should have some knowledge of clone apps so that they can come with the best clone app development team.
  •     The second aspect is to purchase an app like Instacart from leading clone app development. For this, they have to do some research and collaborate with the best clone app development company to build the app. They have expertise in the field so that the product will be more successful than the app developed from scratch.

 So the cost to purchase the Instacart clone script from app development companies is around $2000, and the minimum price to develop from scratch lets it be any Instacart like app will be approximately $13,000.