In late March 2015, Facebook launched React Native Technology to build native mobile apps, and in just 5 years it becomes the most widely used technology to develop native mobile apps from scratch, and that’s only made React Native a New Development trend in 2020, and react native technology going to dominative native mobile app development market in 2021 & rest of the years as well.
Recently We wrote an extensive article on the same topic and wanted to make the article reach maximum numbers of native mobile app developers, so they can understand the benefits react-native offers and why this is the right time to shift their native mobile app development approach more react native centric.
 However, to make maximum numbers can see, we created a separate video on a similar topic and shared on youtube as well, and now I am sharing that similar article here so many designers & native app developers can see that and give their feedback, what they think, and why they needed to move their hands on React Native.

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