The development of mobile applications has increased the importance of having an online presence for every business. People expect to have an online platform or social media account for every business to learn more about them. They can learn more about a company and its services from a website or its social media account. The hospitality industry is also going through a significant transformation, just like other sectors with on-demand service apps. Several entrepreneurs across the world are building an app like oyo for their business. With proper planning and utilization of resources efficiently, anyone can take their hospitality business online. If you are planning on building a similar business, here is a rough estimation of the development cost. However, it will cost more if you consider integrating exclusive features to offer a better user experience.
UI/UX design:
The user interface is one that people see first when they use your application. It attracts a majority of people towards your platform. The minimum time to design the UI/UX of an app is 50 hours. It will cost you somewhere between $2000 and $4000.
Front-end development:
Front-end is the integration of features into your application. Typically it takes around 300 hours to complete it, but in some cases, it exceeds the time depending on the app’s complexity. On average, it will cost you around $5000-$7000 if you choose the basic version. It will increase if you add exclusive features to your platform.
Back-end development:
Back-end development deals with the maintenance of the server and database of the business. It demands more attention from your side as you cannot compromise on the user’s personal details saved in your database. Ensure that your development team uses the latest encryption methods and follows every security protocol while developing your OYO clone app. It will cost you around $1500-$3000.
Testing and launching:
This step is taken to ensure that the platform is free of bugs and glitches. Testing is necessary for any app to ensure that the customers get a flawless app. Testing will be done at various stages of application development, and it can take more than 80 hours. The total cost of testing the application will cost you anywhere from $5000 and $7000.
Your development team’s location also plays a vital role in determining the cost of the application. In some places, you may find a difference of $5000 in developing the app. Your market research will help you to make wise decisions.