Nowadays we can see a deluge of taxi startups in the market. The market is crowded and the competition is so intense. If you fail to standalone and be different from others, be ready to face tough times. But, you need not worry about that in 2020.

2020 marks the start of new trends for the Uber clone app solutions. The new trends are in both features and functionalities. In this blog, I will mention some of the upcoming trends to look out for in 2020. Also, not all of them will have relevance for all taxi startups, so pick the one that fits the best for you.

Booking rides for relatives, family, and friends

The customer need not always want to book a ride for them, at times they want to book rides for others from their app. So have the option in the customer app to book rides for friends, relatives, and families in the contacts.

The effort and resources required to add this feature is not very difficult and it is just a matter of time to make this a reality. Already this feature is present in some top taxi apps and got surprisingly good results.

Shuttle services for commercial use

This feature is more or less similar to that of recurring bookings. Here, instead of an individual, a commercial establishment makes the booking. The shuttle services feature requires details like no. of passengers, destination, no. of stops, etc.

Metro cities are the target area of this feature. Even many tier 2 and 3 cities will have a good scope for this option in the near future.

Service-specific for pets, seniors, and kids

To deviate from providing the same kind of services, you shall provide exclusive taxi services for pets, senior citizens and kids. This provision is unique and can get more users.

While opening the app itself allow the user to select the type of services required and give other details. 

Variable rates can be charged for each type of service and exclusive offers and discounts shall be provided.

Women drivers can be roped into the service to give women-only services to increase women’s safety and security.      

Scheduled rides

In the scheduled ride option the user can book a ride well in advance so as to eliminate last-minute hassles. 

The customer’s smartphone calendar is synced with the taxi app and reminds the date of the scheduled booking. This feature goes very well among millennials who are averse to last minute confusions. Also, this service is immune to surge fee normally charged during times of very high demand.


These are just a glance at how the trends for Uber like taxi app is going to be in 2020. The scope of bringing in new features also depends upon the need and the creativity of the startup founders.

If you have an innovative idea and want to materialize it, quickly join with an experienced taxi app maker.