If you plan on building an app like Udemy, this article is for you. It discusses the advantages of owning a Udemy clone app and the business prospects in it. With the world moving towards the peak of the digital age, people are becoming more tech-savvy and continuously need to upgrade themselves. Here are some of the advantages of e-learning platforms in real-world scenarios. 

User friendly:

Udemy clone app has flexible pricing options for students. The price can be decided by the tutors and also choose to offer for free of cost. The students can enrol for a course anytime they prefer, and there won’t be any deadline to study. The learners will have the freedom to choose their ideal courses and can learn at their own pace.

Collection of courses:

The Udemy clone script has unlimited customisation options, and so it can be seamlessly linked with tutors all over the world. Courses from multiple streams can be added onto the platform, and it will be appropriately organised. With the integration of search filters, the navigability of the app is increased as users can find their ideal courses quickly.


The pricing strategy of e-learning platforms is cheaper compared with traditional brick and mortar centers. Since there is no need for apparatus or infrastructure, the courses are more affordable for the learners. Apart from organizations, individuals can also provide courses for the users, and so the pricing strategy stays the same.

Usability in real-world scenarios:

People are often skeptical about the real-world usability of e-learning platforms. However, the courses on these platforms are downloadable and shareable. Once the user completes the course, he/she will be awarded an e-certificate. The course provider might ask them to attend a final test if they require a certification of completion. 

SaaS model:

It is possible to integrate a Subscription-based model with an e-learning platform. Organizations can use these platforms for employee training or assessment. They can register their business profile and subscribe to a package of their choice. The Udemy clone application will take care of managing the courses and assessing the employees’ performance. 

Revenue model:

Since the tutors can choose to offer free or paid courses, their revenue depends on the nature of the course. The learners can directly get connected with the tutors on the platform and can also interact with them in real-time. The tutors will pay a commission fee to the entrepreneur for every subscription made by the users. The Udemy clone script can be effortlessly customized to support advertisements. The entrepreneur can decide the pricing strategy for promotions and advertisements.