Venmo Clone- Explore The Ways To Develop A P2p Payment App

In 2009, when Venmo was launched, none of us thought it would soon create a storm in the digital wallet market. Initially, Venmo was started as a peer-to-peer payment application for peers to transfer funds effortlessly. Currently, the app supports various services like online e-commerce payments, on-spot payments for retailers, and P2P payments.

With proper planning and technical support, entrepreneurs like you can also develop a payment app like Venmo. In the following passages, I have discussed different means and ways for generating revenue through a Venmo clone.

How can you make money with a Venmo clone app?

Through a well-developed Venmo clone, you can generate revenue in the following ways,

Credit card payment chargers

The Venmo clone is free for the user. Users who have linked their bank account and debit cards with Venmo clone do not pay any commission fee to the app. But users who have linked their credit cards to the account have to pay 3 percent of the fee from their total transaction amount. This is one of the easiest ways to generate your income.

Merchant fee

Though Venmo clone is a P2P payment app, the Peer-to-Peer payments are free for the users to carry out. But merchants who use Venmo clone for their business activities should pay a small percentage of the amount for each transaction.

Instant bank transfer

Generally, for bank transactions, it might take one or two days to transfer the funds. However, users who are urged to transfer their money can opt for an instant transfer option by paying additional charges.

Summing up,

The moment we decide to go digital, P2P apps have become our dire. So, you can invest in the right Venmo clone app and initiate a profitable business.