Tutors app have become part of every student smartphone. With school being closed for an indefinite period, the schools and other learning institutions are using tutoring apps like Uber to teach students. The government is encouraging the education sectors to conduct these E-learning sessions. In the US, the tutoring sector is expected to reach $132 million, with a 6% growth annually. Tutor apps offer a win-win situation as students do not miss out on the portion, and tutors will have a steady source of income during the lockdown period. Impart the following advanced technology and create a surreal learning environment for the students:

  • Top-rated courses: This session lists the most preferred courses by the students. Based on the individual’s past learning experience, the list can be offered to provide a personalized environment for students.
  • Reports: Machine learning algorithms can be used to provide users with progress reports. This will showcase the areas the learner excels in and the areas in which they have the scope to improve. The features can be part of parents’ apps to know the skill-set of their wards.
  • Heat-view: This is an admin panel feature; it shows the courses and tutors that users often prefer. Heat-view allows the admins to understand the current fad and provides more courses in that particular domain.
  • Learning circle: Students can create learning groups with their friends and study from group learning sessions.
  • Forum: Students can post their doubts in these sessions and get it clarified by tutors and fellow students. 

By including these features in your on-demand tutor app development, you can stay on-par with the market trends. Get the tutoring services app from Appdupe and become part of the educational sector.