Amid the pandemic situation, restaurants have no way out. They either have to join hands with third-party food delivery platforms or cope with the declining sales. While a considerable number of restaurants aren’t ready to give up colossal commission fees, it isn’t economically feasible to develop a food delivery app for their own as well.

During such unforeseen circumstances, it is the role of food delivery platforms to help restaurants regain their sales by bridging the gap to customers. Apps like UberEats, Deliveroo, etc., are coming up with numerous strategies to help restaurants. For an entrepreneur aiming to venture into the food delivery market, now is the time to capitalize on the situation. Launch your UberEats clone with the perfect strategy to lure the restaurants and audience towards your site.

UberEats waives delivery fees for independent restaurants 

The popular UberEats platform has been gaining the spotlight ever since the onset of the pandemic. As a measure to help more than 100,000 restaurants under its roof, UberEats has waived off delivery fees for independent restaurants.

This initiative comes as a measure to help restaurants boost their profits as most governments have restricted dine-ins in restaurants.

Help restaurants manage their expenses with an UberEats clone 

An entrepreneur with the right approach and perfect techniques can create a central hub for restaurants and customers. Some of the strategies include,

  • Intuitive inventory management dashboard: Most restaurant owners struggle to manage their inventory. By rolling out an app for inventory management, they get to maintain raw materials and supplies from a single place, eliminating unnecessary expenses.
  • Real-time analytics functionality: Amid these unforeseen circumstances, restaurant owners need to maximize their profits by targeting the right audience. A real-time analytics feature enables them to generate reports on their sales, best-selling food, etc., paving the way to make informed business decisions.

Summing up,

Restaurants hesitate to give up a part of their payment without any benefit or advantage. But introducing restaurant benefits in your UberEats clone, you can lend a helping hand to restaurants and customers and boost your profits simultaneously. Reach out to an app development company and initiate your app development today.