The COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant damages to the restaurant industry. Restaurants are forced to operate only with takeaways and deliveries, with governments ruling out the possibilities of dine-ins in the near future. As a measure to help restaurants, UberEats has come up with an efficient initiative – commission-free online ordering services.

With restaurants taking their business into the online medium, it is high time entrepreneurs launch an UberEats clone and accommodate a wide variety of restaurants. In this blog, we’ll look at the new initiative of UberEats and the strategies that can help your UberEats clone stand apart.

The initiative of UberEats: 

  • As a measure to help restaurants tackle their expenses and sales, UberEats has introduced commission-free online ordering services for restaurants until the end of 2020.
  • The program will initially operate in the selective areas of the United States.
  • The restaurants will cover only payment processing costs, and no additional commission will be levied until the end of 2020.
  • This initiative will strengthen UberEats’ relationships with restaurants, gaining their trust by helping in these tough times.

Strategies that can come in handy: 

The situation demands food delivery platforms to provide a helping hand to restaurants. Some of the effective strategies include,

  • Joining hands with local restaurants: While popular restaurants either have an app of their own or find their place in various third-party apps, numerous local restaurants are finding it difficult to cope with the pandemic. Your UberEats clone can join hands with these local restaurants.
  • Variable commission scheme: Instead of having a fixed commission scheme, a variable scale, wherein you can negotiate with restaurants, can do the trick. This way, you can collaborate with those restaurants that aren’t ready to provide a colossal commission pay.

Wrapping up, 

In unforeseen situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, gaining the trustworthiness of customers and restaurants can make all the difference to your food delivery platform. These strategies, if implemented, can help you enhance your platform’s sustainability. Launch your food delivery app today!