Uber for X App | Uber like Services for X | Uber for X On-Demand Apps

Users from all parts of the world access on-demand apps efficiently through their mobile devices like Android and iOS. The emergence of on-demand apps made users’ lives even more comfortable and time-saving in many ways. Creating Uber like apps for X will pave the way for the growth of your business in any sector, such as laundry, food, grocery, beauticians, and many more. Through this platform, the customers can connect with their service providers and avail the services they are in dire need of.

The core reason for the demand of the Uber for X script is that it offers the entrepreneurs ready-made solutions, and therefore, they can instantly kick start their online business. Apart from this, through your app like Uber for X widely helps the customers in various ways, such as searching for the service providers in proximity, stunning offers, affordability, and many more. It also helps the service providers to boost their business profitably. The few essential features are as follows.
In-App Map
Advanced Search Bars
Reschedule Services
Multiple Payment Gateway
Live Tracking
In-App Chat

In brief, our esteemed app developers at Turnkey town offer white-label solutions for apps like Uber for X. you can instantly connect with our team to embark on your identity in the online marketplace.