Uber for mechanics| Launch On- demand app with streamlined workflow

If you want to book a cab, yes, we have an app for that. For mid-night cravings? Yes, we can order using a food delivery app. If you wish to have salon services at your own pace, worry no more; book it online and have your salon at home.

But what if you are put in a scenario where you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the highway, and you need a car mechanic’s assistance instantly? Do we have an app for that? Yes, we will help you develop a user-friendly uber for mechanics app that fulfills your user’s demands and solves real-time problems concerning cars. Every industry has mobile applications, so do car repair services.

The streamlined workflow of our Uber for mechanics app
Users log in by registering their details like name, address, current location, and the specifications about their vehicle.

User searches for mechanics near their location and sends a request for service to a specific mechanic enlisted on the app.

Now, the mechanic receives the request on their service provider mechanic app. They can either accept or reject their request based on their availability & convenience.

If accepted, the mechanic uses the in-app navigation to locate/spot the vehicle and notifies the concerned user when they will reach the destination.

After the service is done, users can review and rate the work and the particular mechanic with the app using the review & rating feature.

The overall activities are monitored & handled by the admin who controls the service charge, discounts, commission, etc.

Summing Up
If you’re on the lookout for the best and experienced clone app development company to develop an on-demand mechanics service app, we are just a few taps away. Schedule a meeting with our experts, and we’ll help you climb the ladders of success right away.