On-demand doctor consultation apps have been in the market for a few years and have been exhibiting consistent performance. Stepping into this lucrative market can be highly profitable for entrepreneurs as the demand for doctor consultation apps is increasing in the market. If you are an entrepreneur with similar plans, discuss your business requirements and goals with a reputed on-demand doctor app development company.
Patients need not have to go through the hassles of travelling through traffic and waiting for hours at the hospitals. Although there are several apps like Uber for doctors in the market, the working logic will remain the same. The workflow of telemedicine apps is as follows:
1. Patients will log into their account to search for doctors. They will describe their symptoms in the app and book an appointment.
2. The app will look for the most suitable medical specialist nearby and assign them.
3. After the confirmation of a booking, the patients can schedule a video call via the app with the doctors.
4. After the video consultation, the patient will be asked to pay the consultation fee.
5. The patients can choose their preferred payment methods from various choices on the platform.
What are the benefits of developing an app like Uber for doctor consultation:
The flexibility of these apps are one of the significant benefits as the users will have more control over their schedules. They can choose to get professional doctor consultation at any time of the day and need not have to leave their couch. They can also avail for emergency appointments if necessary. On-demand doctor consultation apps will be a great source of income for the doctors. They will be paid regularly according to their service on the platform. They will have ultimate control over their working hours and can choose to work at any time of the day effectively. They can also charge an additional fee for after-hour care. This flexibility in the business model lets them see more patients in a day compared to the traditional model.
Doctors can seamlessly bump up their productivity rate as they can work at their preferred hours. The accessibility to connect with patients directly minimizes the time wasted in waiting for their turn. Thus, Uber for doctors apps not only increase accessibility for patients; it also increases the productivity rate for doctors.