Technology is growing rapidly and is playing a major role in the success and failure of the business. Every business is operating online either with their website or custom app. One of the most profitable and in-demand is ride-hailing business. Ride-Hailing business is growing and the main reason for this is huge traffic, high car maintenance cost, Parking problems. As per the survey, ride-hailing business is expected to grow up to 180% by the year 2023, taking 2019 as a base year. So now you know the expected future and current demand, It is the perfect time for you to invest in an Uber clone. As the name suggests it has all functionality, features like the original application. A lot of app development companies have successfully created their taxi clone. If you are a startup or new in business, it is suggested to go for uber clone script, as it is cheap in comparison to building an app from scratch. Before investing keep these features in mind.

Must-Have Features in Uber Clone App

Push Notifications: This feature informs both rider and driver instantly. Customers can get notification of coupons, offers.

Easy Login: Simplified login process makes your application easy to use, it overall increases the engagement of the users.

GPS System: This feature increases the overall security of the customers. Both rider and driver can track each other’s locations. GPS suggests the best route available to the driver.

Estimation Cost: Your application should automatically generate an estimated amount for the ride. By this feature, users can know the amount they need to pay to avail the service.

Advance Analytics: Always choose a script that comes with a powerful admin panel, Effective admin panel allows administrators to calculate and analyze all the business profit, strengths, weakness easily. 


For such an advanced application you need expert app developer teams or app development company. It is recommended to take a demo before investing in custom app development.