Everyone knows that the two giants in the taxi business globally are Uber and Lyft. They have been in the on-demand industry for a long time, and no matter how many taxi services enter the market, they have sustained their position constantly. They are one of the key contributors to the on-demand transportation industry. 

They have now planned to extend their service to the healthcare industry. Uber is collaborating with Cerner Corp’s electronic health record system to help caregivers schedule a ride for the patients. Lyft has also planned to launch its healthcare transport service in Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia. The ride provided to take the patients to the hospital or healthcare center will not be charged. The main agenda of these rides is to help people who do not have a car or access to public transport to reach the hospital safely. 

Lyft is in talks with LogistiCare to manage its transportation system, and Uber is planning to partner up with American Logistics. As we all know, these are the two big healthcare transportation management systems that are very popular in the market. Once Uber successfully collaborates with Cerner, people who use Cerner EHR will get free rides. Uber will launch an app that will help the caregivers book a free ride for the patients. Similarly, once Lyft gets into a collaboration with American Logistics, it will also provide rides free of cost. This will help people with low-income to reach to the hospital when in need. They do not have to hire a taxi and pay for it or travel in public transport. They can reach the hospital in comfort. 

To conclude:

Launching a service like Uber or Lyft in the on-demand service market is not very difficult. You just need to have the right ideas and the apt team to execute it. If you wish to develop an app like Uber for your on-demand service, then you can choose uber clone apps. They are cost-effective and takes considerably less time to develop. In terms of attributes, it is more advanced than an app built from scratch. 

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