TikTok has reshaped the landscape of the social media sector as more people have migrated to it from other apps. The intriguing concept of short-form videos is deeply rooted in this generation, and provided with the right tools; you can capitalize on this opportunity at this unsoiled moment.

Are you an entrepreneur aspiring to introduce a social video app like tinder ? If so, do not fail to incorporate notable features and monetization strategies in your platform. Let’s discuss the features and monetization to consider during tiktok clone app development.

the notable features included in the TikTok clone app:

Before planning to develop an app, you have to know the most notable features. Here they are.

Video uploading and Sounds (Short videos):

Users can upload and share video content in this app. The duration of the video content must be less than or equal to 15 seconds. Before uploading, users have the option to edit the video by rotating and cropping. They can even change the playback speed of the video and create short videos by adding their favorite song as background from its library.

Live streaming and Social sharing:

Video creators can make live streams using this feature. TikTokers can even share their video content edited in TikTok on other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and FaceBook.

Duet option:

TikTokers can create music videos and include a #duetwithme to ask other active users to make a duet video with them.

Implementing monetization options to earn money:

Let’s see how business people can make the most out of your money. The following few standard monetization options are mentioned below.

In-app purchase:

You can enable users to make a live stream using coins and purchase options. Users can use these as real money during live streaming. You can even have premium features so that premium users can pay monthly or annual subscription charges.


It is one of the effective ways to earn money from the app. In this, you can contact sponsors who are interested in publishing ads on your app to promote their brands or service for their business development.

Wrapping up,

Becoming a part of this lucrative industry is unquestionably a commendable business opportunity. Step into the social media ecosystem with the advanced white-labeled TikTok clone solution to get your slice of the profit share by initiating app development today.