Thumbtack is basically an optimized platform that will help in connecting users who are in need of a local service provider to offer services such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical works, and more. It is a multi-service app that will help users find a service provider instantly in their vicinity.

How does the app work?
The thumbtack app lists all the services available, and users can go through the list.
They can choose a category of their choice and specify the service they require in detail.
Service providers available at the moment will place a bid on the service.
Users will then hire a service provider of their choice.
After providing the service, customers will pay the service provider via any one of the secure payment modes available in the app.
They can also rate and review the service provided via the app.

How can you build an app like Thumbtack?
As mentioned earlier, building an app that provides multiple services can be built effortlessly.

-Initially, you have to approach an experienced app development company and discuss your business requirements with them. You can take a look at the thumbtack clone script they provide and customize it to fit your needs.

-Once you decide the company you are opting for, you can go ahead and finalize the design of the app, features to be included, tools, and frameworks to be used to build the app, platforms that you want to launch the app, and other similar factors.

-Finally, test the app after the development process is over, the testing team should test the app completely and then launch it on all the platforms you finalized. Market your app in the right way, and it will become the talk of the town in a few days.

Final note:
An app like Thumbtack is a revenue-generating opportunity for all the entrepreneurs out there. So approach an app development firm and launch your successful venture now.