The advent of DIY mobile app builders has made it easier for brands to enter the mobile market.

Converting websites based on WordPress and WooCommerce to mobile app, has now become a matter of minutes.

However, the ease has also resulted in the rise of a stiff competition among businesses that are a part of the app industry and mobile market place.

To help you with the business goals, we have curated a list of three ‘install ad campaigns’ that can empower your initiatives and make way for your success.

An introduction to the concept of ‘app install ads’ 

App install ad campaigns, as evident by the name, are the focused and targeted ad campaigns, meant to acquire leads and app downloads.

It is one of the best app based consumer acquisition strategies as it cuts off the useless traffic and remains coherent enough to attract only genuine leads and customers.

This leads to a reduction in your bounce rate and ensures positive and productive participation from your customers’ end.

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Three campaigns that will reinvent your brand presence 

Let us now begin unravelling the sure shot tips: 

#1: Website ad campaign

It has been proven overtime that the existing customers can bring in more profits and generate more sales as compared to new ones. Moreover, you can use your website to endorse your app and attract both.

Place a prominent “Install App” CTA button on your website or other partner websites. You can also add a concise description highlighting the benefits of using the app. This will help you redirect your customers towards your app and build a stronger followership for the brand. 

#2: Geo-targeted ad campaigns

You can target few customers based on their specifics and tell them how your app is beneficial for them under certain circumstances. For instance, if you have a restaurant app you can partner with a third party navigation service.

Track the location and preferences of your potential customers using such services, and send messages and notifications with direct links to app stores for app download. Do not overdo and try to ensure that your app really holds some value and has considerable utility for them. 

#3: Instagram ad campaign

Install ad campaigns can get higher traction and more attention on social media platforms. You can harness multiple platforms depending upon your resources and budget.

However, Instagram stands out when it comes to ‘app install ad’ campaigns. Place ads with catchy infographics and include a prominent ‘install app’ or ‘try now’ button to inspire fruitful action. 

Build a premium app for your retail store 

If you already have an app for your retail store, go ahead and implement the tips listed above. Attract more traffic and build a strong consumer base of loyal customers.

However, if you are still looking for app building options, then sign up for AppMySite retail store app builder and extend your presence in the mobile market place.

Build a premium native app and acquire more consumers and sales without much effort. Get going!