The advent of smartphone operated mobile applications turned out to be a super-convenient option for the users and proved immensely profitable for enterprises across diverse domains. The educational sector is no exception. Digital educational methodologies have revolutionized the teaching-learning approach altogether. Consequently, eLearning apps and other digital learning tools started gaining popularity during the last decade and its rate of adoption has been on the rise since then. Several educational institutions have employed ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) apps in the education field to streamline their workflow. Students too, these days rely more on digital resources and online courses owing to their convenience quotient. The educators also prefer the digital world to reach out to more learners and enhance the quality of education imparted. The year 2020 has witnessed how e-learning came as a huge sigh of relief for the entire teaching-learning community when Governments all over the world announced the closure of educational institutions owing to the Covid19 outbreak.

eLearning app development has gifted smart solutions that will help learners to expand their horizons of knowledge at affordable prices. So, smartphone apps, which were considered as distractive elements for students, have indeed become a blessing in disguise!

In this write-up, I have penned down the prime benefits of using smartphone apps in the educational sector. Read along to explore their potential!

How does the use of Mobile apps benefit the Educational Sector?

Flexibility in learning

ELearning solutions have successfully made education free from the confines of the classroom and made it accessible to all regardless of their location, age, or time constraints. Hence, learners residing in remote areas, grown-ups, and busy professionals can also quench their thirst for knowledge and obtain degrees via online courses.

Novel learning methodologies

Digital learning has introduced some innovative learning methodologies that are far more engaging and interesting than the traditional ones. The introduction of puzzles, fun games, challenging tasks, etc. tease the learner’s imagination and stimulate their thought processing leading to productive outcomes.

A video-oriented tutorial is another effective learning methodology. Video lessons arouse the learner’s interest in the topic. Moreover, visualizing and listening helps them to retain the information for much longer periods as compared to reading or attending lectures. Visuals are specifically helpful for those students who have low concentration levels or are reluctant to open a book.

Key to a treasure house of resources

Online study material like eBooks, informative videos, etc. provides the necessary information and explanation that a student is looking for instantly. This helps students solve their queries and complete their assignments without having to depend on any private tutor or external resources like reference books.

The endless online resources are also beneficial for those enthusiastic learners who cannot afford the luxury of attending full-fledged courses in educational institutions.

Skill enhancement and tracking of progress

ELearning solutions work wonders in skill enhancement of the students via interactive online sessions and continuous evaluation. Moreover, the learners and their guardians can track the academic progress and hence has better control over their child’s learning.

Improved Communication between educators and learners

The digital approach has helped to conquer an age-old limitation prevalent in the educational sector – effective communication between the educators and the learners. The reasons are as follows:

  • Students get easy online access to study material and assignments that were missed due to absence.
  • Online communication channels ensure better interaction between parents/students and the educators/school authorities.
  • Crucial information displayed through official websites, institution apps, digital calendar, etc. keep the parent informed about the upcoming campus events, important announcements or schedule changes without having to visit the campus or make phone calls to the reception.


One of the greatest benefits of leveraging digital education is that mobile apps can accommodate numerous books and provide access to the World Wide Web. So wherever you travel, all you need is an internet connection to access whichever book you want to read on your smart devices.

Automation of tasks

An educational institute can employ a mobile app like ERP for education to automate tasks such as recording students’ attendance, maintaining students’ information, fee collection, providing assignment instructions, preparing progress reports, etc. Automation of these time-consuming activities reduces the educators’ workload and enables them to devote more time to students. Please refer to the article “Educational ERP solution” to gain more insights onto the functioning of these ERP apps.

An environment-friendly option

The eLearning approach eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork. Therefore, if institutions digitalize their workspace and a major chunk of teachers and students switch to digital study material instead of real books, the demand for paper will reduce drastically. This means that a lesser number of trees would be cut to meet the growing requirements of the paper manufacturing industries. So, isn’t eLearning an environment friendly-option?


Adopting the eLearning approach not only provides a competitive edge to the educational organization but also benefits the learners. The good news is that eLearning app developers are devising smarter mobile apps that will provide more facilities to the stakeholders of the educational sector. So, if you have still not digitalized your educational facility, it’s high time you should consult a Mobile App Development Company to build you a school/college management app.

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