The advancement in technology has brought essential services closer to people. They can order food, groceries, medicine, etc., online at the day and will be delivered to their doorsteps. Market analysts have predicted that the full potential of the medical retail industry has not been explored yet. Furthermore, the number of users is expected to increase in the forthcoming years, and the best is yet to come for the industry. If you have plans to enter this industry, now would be a perfect time. 

Your on-demand medicine delivery app, like Practo, will have three panels. Here are the essential features that you shouldn’t miss on your app.

User panel:

User registration:

Users should register before starting to use the services. They can register their account on the platform by entering their email address or phone number. You can also integrate social media plugins so that they can directly log in with their Google or Facebook accounts. 

Search for medicines:

Users can search for their preferred medicines, and filters will make it easier for them to find.

Add to cart:

The users can add medicines to the cart and purchase them when needed.

Upload prescriptions:

The user will have to submit a copy of the prescription or upload an e-prescription to buy medicines. The admin team should check for the authenticity of the prescription.

Store panel:


The registration process will be similar to that of the user panel, but they will have to upload their certification and identification proof to complete their registration.

Manage the products:

The provider can update the availability of medicines based on their stocks. The products will be categorized into various levels to make things easier for customers.

Manage prices:

The price of the product will be determined by the provider and can update them whenever required. It can also be adjusted based on market norms.

Order management:

The app will make it easier for the store owners to manage the order placed by users. They are responsible for the proper packaging of medicines and handing over to the delivery executives.

In-app communication:

Customers can directly get in touch with the store owners via chat or call. It will be useful to convey important information regarding the order.

Manage payments:

The payments made by the users will be directly sent to the store owners’ accounts after deducting your commission fee.

Manage notifications:

The store owners can also send tailor-made notifications to the customers. Push notifications can be an effective way to inform them regarding updates of stocks, promotions, discounts, etc.

Admin panel:


You will get a dynamic dashboard on the main screen of your admin panel. You can monitor the overall operations of your business from here.

Manage users and store owners:

Every users’ and store owners’ registered profile on the app will be managed by the admin team. 


Analytics tools will be integrated into the admin panel to monitor business activities. It will be useful to generate reports on user activity, product performance, store activity, retention rates, delivery executives location, etc.

Bottom line:

The cost of developing a medicine delivery app like Practo will differ based on the number of features you choose to integrate. Get in touch with a Practo clone app development company to learn more about the development process and cost.