The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the need for doorstep delivery services more than ever. With retail stores running empty and people fearing to step out of their homes, delivery apps have become the talk of the town. Among various delivery apps, multi-service delivery apps have the capability of maximizing an entrepreneur’s profits. Apps like Dunzo are based on this model and have gained a massive response among the audience.

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to develop an app like Dunzo? If so, you need to integrate the top delivery services that people demand to experience unrestricted growth. Let’s look at a few top-performing delivery services amid the pandemic situation.

Food delivery: Arguably, the most critical service that you do not want to miss out on your application. Bridge the gap between struggling restaurants and people in need, and, in the process of doing so, boost your ROI.

Grocery delivery: Aggregate different grocery stores under one roof, and provide a virtual shopping experience to users. With features like a virtual cart, in-app wallet, compare products, etc., gain a massive customer base.

Medicine delivery: It is pointless to categorize groceries and food as essentials, leaving out medicines. Collaborate with pharmacy stores and provide life-saving drugs at people’s doorsteps effortlessly.

Alcohol delivery: With major pubs and liquor stores turning empty, people have shifted to the online medium to order alcoholic beverages. Integrating alcohol delivery services can come in handy in the current situation.

Courier delivery: Enable people to send packages to their friends/family effortlessly with your courier delivery services.

Summing up,

Digitization is making people rely on online platforms for a variety of delivery services. Integrate these services in your Dunzo like app, and gain instant traction among the audience.