In recent years, many outdoor parks have shifted using an integrated entertainment park management system. There are some very clear advantages for this system as well as some clear disadvantages of conventional methods and systems for park management. However, due to the lack of clear information about the advantages of an integrated entertainment park management system, park owners who consider turning to this system will often find it difficult to make information based on information.

Do you know, America’s first amusement park is still an NYC icon?

In this article, we will present several major advantages of integrated entertainment park management system and painting what images may occur when different parts of the park management system can communicate and coordinate with each other. We will use- Integrated Theme park management solution. According to Marketwatch, the amusement park software is seeing a rise.


Integrated Amusement Park Management System – Main Benefits

When you have an integrated park management system, the operation becomes significantly simplified. It does not need to be said that this system can not only reduce operational costs, they can also help you find new ways to increase income. Let’s look at some of the main aspects of garden operations and see how – Amusement park management software – helps in each case.

Multi-platform ticket solutions
It offers a fully integrated and cost-effective online ticket platform that allows you to set up flexible and controlled priced options. This system allows you to create a pass season and some entry packages while managing everything from one place. It also offers barcode tickets, barcode cards, RFID cards, and bracelets.

You will be able to improve easily, quickly make offers that combine food, drinks, and merchandise with tickets. This platform is able to do OTA tickets and can be integrated with a popular ticket platform.

Simple access management
It is a single system that adapts to many needs. Access control gates allow visitors to access vehicles, games, and attraction with ticket validation of tickets. This means improvement of customer comfort and perfect accounting.

This system also allows fast and real-time mobile validation through an Android-based application. This is ideal for activities where space is an obstacle and is a low cost, no maintenance solution. Amusement park management software also offers stand-alone validation units that have all weather support and are ideal for outside vehicles controlled by operators.

Management of customer relationships
The CRM module from allows you to activate the loyalty program, making a tiered membership program with different discounts at different levels and has promotions and discounts based on various rules. It also helps with your marketing campaign, allowing you to reach guests through text, emails, and social media.

Comprehensive reporting module
Amusement Reporting Module allows you to make reports that are rich in features and friendly users who give you a follow-up insight. This module includes specified and specific reports, and you can schedule a report generated automatically every day, weekly, or monthly.

The module makes it possible to estimate the future crowd based on historic data and reservations in the future, allowing you to plan appropriate resources. This module is also integrated with an ERP module. With application-based reporting in place, online and cellular, you will be able to analyze data from the entire park and track the success of newly promoted services.

Increase customer comfort
The Amusement Park Management System allows visitors to use a single RFID tag in the park, which means there are no more large bags and worrying wallets to carry. Customers can also create an online-based application or web account and manage their membership easily.

It also has an integrated wireless RFID locker that is easily installed. They come in various sizes, colors, and materials, allowing you to adjust it based on your brand. Without a physical key, your visitor items will always be safe and safe. The integrated system allows you to make attractive packages that include lockers, entrance tickets, and food.

Communicate important information easily
The Amusement park management integrated system allows you to access and manage content from centralized locations, and adjust and manage content for multiple screens. Data-based data-based and dynamic display screen, facilitating smarter involvement allows you to choose promotions based on days and based on target customers. The built-in scheduling system allows you to change the screen based on the time of the day.

Merchandise, Food & Beverage Integration
Integrated kitchen management system, which includes kitchen order tickets and kitchen display support allows you to support self-service with full service kitchens. A comprehensive inventory management system allows you to track the item movement, simplify logistics. Visitors will be able to choose between payment options such as RFID tags, cash, bank cards, vouchers, and others. Automatic data sharing helps reduce completion time. The paperless system is also environmentally friendly.

Collect, modules and this feature functions smoothly, allows smooth operation through the automation of the park.

Open the potential of amusement parks
The integrated entertainment park management system can really help you open your garden potential while creating extraordinary experiences for your visitors and grow your income. Ncrypted is a leading company that specializes in developing and installing amusement park software as well as vacation rental management Software.

Do you see a chance that Amusement park management software can open? Do you believe that your park must be managed with an integrated system?