Readymade teacher marketplace at an affordable cost. Get yourself your own tutor marketplace to avail online tutors through this application.

With today’s booms of E-learning this tutor marketplace has been developed by giving due consideration to user friendly and handy features. This advanced Teaching Marketplace tends to bridge the gap between the students and the teacher without involving anti elements of the society. Teachers can list down their skill set for various subjects, which a student can select their tutorial lessons according to their needs and wants. 

What does our teacher marketplace offer you?

Nowadays Online learning is becoming more popular in the current digital era. With 25 percent growth year on year in the E-learning sector it ensures a steady growth demand for online educational resources. And without further ado we at Logicspice offers an advanced teacher marketplace that empowers the teacherpreneur capability to launch an online tutoring marketplace in less time. Since Technology has already overpowered this sector so the Students now are easily finding the required tutors, teachers, assignments, projects to assist them with this. 

Our online education marketplace provides a dedicated dashboard for the teacher from there they can make and manage the courses & fees structure for the better flow of information.

At the same student can register and login to this system to search for particular courses/tutors which they want to learn. They can select the teacher/course on the basis of reviews, ratings, fees.

This online teacher marketplace is the best source for teachers, to strengthen the   teacherpreneur capability to start their own tutor marketplace. This software has been developed with PHP and WordPress framework. By far It is one of the best ways to generate revenue in the education industry at present.   

Used Technologies and Server Requirements 

Browsers : IE 9+ , Firefox 32.6+, Chrome 20.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 5+

CMS :  WordPress

Language : PHP 5.6+, AJAX, jQuery

Design : HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3.3.7, JavaScript

Database : MySQL 5.5+

Server : Apache 2.4+

Android : java 9 and Android Studio 3.4