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What are the various benefits offered by the on-demand service marketplace like TaskRabbit?

On-demand service marketplace like TaskRabbit plays as a service platform where all sorts of house repairs and services are provided to the customers who avail of their service. Turnkeytown provides taskrabbit like app development for boosting up the revenue of the business.

All services under one roof.
Taskrabbit offers various services such as plumbing, carpentry, house cleaning, appliance services etc.
Expert personnel is available.
It is made possible by having a skilled and certified workforce who can safely and safely perform their professionalism.
Service providers can find their customers faster.
The TaskRabbit clone script has optimized GPS enabled features that help grab the customers in need of the service faster.
Trusted freelancers are available for user’s service
Complete background checks are done on each applicant before recruiting them. Their work experience and the conduct of work are also analysed.
Payment is certain.
In the TaskRabbit clone script, the payments are securely made online in the app, and the amount gets automatically credited to the servicemen’s bank account.
Very convenient and flexible
Looking for a service provider to fix your household problems has become very easy with this app.