Tackle COVID-19 Wisely With A Perfectly Safe Bigbasket clone

As a blessing in disguise, COVID-19 appears to be propelling the need for doorstep grocery delivery services. As a result, grocery delivery apps like Instacart, Bigbasket, etc., exploded both in terms of daily download rates and order volume. With people fearing to step out due to virus contractions, this is an ideal scenario for entrepreneurs to roll up their sleeves and capitalize on the demanding situation.

If you are an entrepreneur aiming to initiate your Bigbasket clone app development, you need to be wary of the fact that your business has to be COVID-19-proof. By safeguarding your community, you can reap substantial profits in no time. In this blog, let’s discuss a list of COVID-19 safety add-ons worth-considering in your application.

Contactless deliveries: Encourage your delivery chain to drop customers’ grocery orders in front of their homes rather than handing them over directly.
Disabling COD: It is pointless to adapt contactless deliveries if your customers transact via cash. Eliminate any form of contact between customers and delivery workers by disabling the Cash on Delivery option in high-risk prone zones.
Face mask recognition software: It is your delivery network that comes in direct contact with your customers. By incorporating a face mask recognition software into your Bigbasket clone, the software seamlessly detects those workers who aren’t abiding by community guidelines.
Safety badges: Scrutinize grocery stores on their safety standards and display a safety badge near their display names. This way, customers get to know that their groceries are COVID-19 safe, instilling the trust factor.
Safety ratings and reviews: Even after so many measures from your side, it is the customers who have the final say. Gain regular feedback from customers on your safety standards, keeping service quality in check.

Summing up,
Major grocery delivery apps are struggling to cope with the demands of the people. You can establish your presence effortlessly by developing an app like Bigbasket by joining hands with an expert app development company. Integrate these safety add-ons in your grocery delivery app and experience instant popularity and revenue.