Stay ahead of your rivals by implementing these unique features in your Paytm clone

Digital wallet apps provide a convenient way to transact funds, pay bills, and many more services with just a few taps. Increased smartphone penetration is one of the main reasons why e-wallet apps have gained prominence in this fast-paced world. Apps like Paytm, PayPal, etc., have garnered a massive customer base ever since their inception. The introduction of e-commerce services in apps like Paytm comes as icing on the cake, leading to better customer engagement rates.

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to launch an app like Paytm? With advancements in modern technology, you can venture into the market right away with the Paytm clone. In this blog, let’s discuss the advanced feature-set worth-considering in your mobile wallet app.

In-app camera: Most of the digital wallet apps nowadays come with QR code technology. Hence, with an in-app camera, users can scan QR codes and transact seamlessly in a flash.

In-app chat/call: Enhancing customer engagement rates becomes a piece of cake with the in-app chat/call option. This way, users can communicate with one another and resolve their queries by reaching out to the support team.

Two-factor authentication: Most customers expect perfect security from a digital wallet app. Integrating two-factor authentication, including biometric verification, leads to enhanced customer security and satisfaction.

Digital receipts: Customers expect digital receipts after every transaction for future use. These receipts contain a detailed description of the transaction details.

Summing up,

Digital wallet apps are the second-most preferred type of payment after credit/debit cards. With smartphone users poised to reach 3.8 billion in 2021, the market forecasts an exponential growth. Integrate these stand-apart features in your Paytm clone script and gain instant traction among the audience.