Offering multi-services is not an easy task, it is very hard to manage and store all the business data and operations. We all know how the technology revolution is impacting the business. Brands who were operating traditionally, have now shifted to advanced app-based approaches. Big brands have developed their custom application and website, to target a wide variety of customers. New startups and entrepreneurs need to develop their own custom app, to compete with other competitors. We all know pandemics have struck the growth rate of every country. This pandemic has raised the demand for home delivery services like grocery, food, medicine directly at customers’ doorsteps. Customers are avoiding going outside as much they can. To utilize this opportunity, startups should invest in gojek clone app development. Startups are known for less spend and more profit. Gojek Clone is the concept of an Indonesia based app, With this single application startups can offer around 52+ Services. 

Services that can be offered with Gojek Like App

Transportation: Most popular amongst startups, as it is the most profitable and in-demand business. People prefer taxis over their new cars. If you offer these services at a low cost in comparison to your competitors, you will rule this industry.

Ride-hailing niche: Moving services, Rental services, Shuttle service, Sharing services.

Delivery Services: People want everything to be delivered at their doorsteps. With this gojek clone, you can offer delivery services directly to your customers.

Delivery Services niche: Courier delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, flower delivery.

Keep these point in mind while developing your gojek clone

Decide your targeted customers: Develop your application according to their preferences and wants.

Decide your area of operation: Startups rather than targeting the whole country should start with establishing a strong base in a particular city, state.

Make your app unique: Offering extra in comparison to your customer, what makes you stand above your competitors.

Budget: Most important point, decide your budget that you are willing to spend on mobile app development. Consult mobile app development company or app developer teams for it.