Start Building Top-notch Feature App With The White-Labeled Draftkings Clone solution

The concept of betting or gambling in the sports world is not a new one. It is there in almost every sport, baseball, basketball, tennis, rugby, etc. In some countries, the concept of betting is considered to be legal, whereas, in some countries, it is not. However, right from the launch of online betting in 1997, everything changed, and ever since then, there is no looking back.
In this digital era, the betting business is taken to a whole new level with the Sports betting mobile app. It has decreased the risks of betting. People now don’t have to visit places of the bet or to visit any online websites. Just a few taps on the smartphones and it is done.
There are more betting apps in the market that come in all sizes.
Though there are several apps, not every app is perfect, and there is a lot of space for you to take place still if you come up with the best engaging and feature-rich betting mobile app like Draftkings.
Why build sports betting apps like Draftkings?
Online betting is growing exponentially, and according to Transparency Market Research, the market is expected to expand at the CAGR rate of 12.9% between the years 2018-2024, as forecasted by APAC. Apart from this, sports betting is seen to grow by 40% in the global gambling market than any other sections like lotteries, casinos, and other gaming forms.
As a final thought, technology works like magic these days, by transforming almost anything and everything around us. Start your development with the leading-edge DraftKings clone script to keep up with the evolution for a lucrative business.