After celebrating all the lovely and cute elements of love, let’s get a little cozy on the second last day and welcome the final day with more excitement and more energy. The second last is rightly fixed for celebrating the most important element of love that holds much importance in a couple’s life. It is not only about kissing your partner, but the feeling that couples share with each other through this intimate act is out of this world. So how can A Kiss not find its place in this love festival? 

13th of February: Here we are ready to wrap the love week. From 7th to 12th, the days were magical. Time to spell the final magic of love on your lover with a kiss! The cupid will point your kiss arrow to your partner’s heart, and he will be yours forever! 

Other than kisses, gifts, and celebrations, there is so much more that can make the day memorable and super special. They are happy to kiss day wishes quotes and happy kiss day quotes that you can send to your partner wrapped in your love. 

To help you with that, we are here with a brief list of quotes and messages that you can choose and send. Here you go! 

  • Happy Kiss Day to the lady luck in my life. I want to kiss your soft lips for the rest of my life. 
  • People say this day is all about sharing your emotions and celebrating love. For me, it’s being with you and sharing endless kisses. Happy kiss day to the most loving partner I could have asked for! 
  • When people were standing in a queue, and God was distributing the most luscious lips, I am sure you must be the first to receive the best pair of lips. Happy kiss day, Gorgeous! 
  • Let me seal this day with a vow that I will never break till my last breath. I will never ever leave your pink and beautiful lips alone. Happy kiss Day, Baby!
  • If there ever would be a contest of the best kisser in the world, It would be you without any doubt. But, you will be the only contestant, and I will be the only judge. Happy Kiss Day to the one who knows how to woo my heart every single day with a simple sweet kiss. 
  • Let me send you a million kisses today. Let each kiss reach your heart and soul and love me like this for the rest of my life. Happy Kiss Day, Love!
  • You know what? A kiss a day keeps a man healthy, and it helps in burning calories. I want to lose a lot of calories today. Will you help me? Happy Kiss Day, Soulmate! 

Choose and let your partner know they are special for you. Happy Kiss Day, All! 

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