According to expert opinion multi-services apps are always more successful than single-service apps as customers have more options to choose from and they are likely to prefer it. Gojek app has almost 29.2 million users in Indonesia alone. Entrepreneurs can have immense business growth by investing in Gojek clone software. Here are some of the popular services to include in the Gojek Clone App Development.

Food delivery services: The concept of cloud kitchens are getting immensely popular among restaurants. They operate specifically for online orders, do not have dine-in and regular takeout facilities. The new trend can be proven to be viable for a multi-service app like the Gojek clone app.

Medicine delivery services: Medicine is one of the essential services required by people. There is going to be a never-ending demand for medicines. So it will be viable traction 

Grocery delivery services: By 2022, almost 10% of grocery sales will occur online. The demand for getting grocery delivery is increasing as customers find it simple to get the services they need. 

Gojek clone software can include a variety of services from rental services, professional service, logistics services. TurnKeyTown offers services which include all the services as per customer requirements.