Social-media apps create a non-stop buzz in the market. Users of various age groups are now utilizing social media platforms to exhibit their talents and gain a fanbase quickly. Instagram has over 1 billion users and 500 million daily active users. Looking at the craze, many bigwigs are thinking about stepping into Instagram clone app development.

Is it the right time to launch an app like Instagram?
There are very few or no apps in the market available to compete with Instagram. Thus it is a golden opportunity for you to build a photo-sharing app like Instagram and be a potential competitor.
By enhancing the user experience, you can easily attract a wider audience quickly.

Best way to get into Instagram like app development
You can build a robust social media platform in two ways which are either by developing from scratch or deploying a white-label solution.

The Instagram clone app is a pre-built app with all the key features and performs similar to the parent app. It is completely legitimate to launch a clone app. As it is 100% customizable, you can easily customize and launch your path-breaking app in just a matter of a few days.

Effective monetization methods
It is very important to choose the right revenue model to generate vast revenue and take your business to the next level. Some of the common yet effective ways to monetize your Instagram clone app are listed below,
Displaying advertisements of third-party companies
Premium subscription for business accounts
In-app shopping
Sponsored posts and stories

To wrap up,
By getting your hands on Instagram clone app development, you can easily enter into a million-dollar business and win the hearts of millions of people in no time. Therefore cut the wait and launch an app like Instagram with advanced features and dominate the industry soon.