One vertical that pretty much astonishes most of the population now with some fantastic apps and ideas is the entertainment sector. From the creation of some short video sharing apps to the apps that help people get closer to their favorite celebrities, there is the evolution of most entertaining apps. One app that has made its way in the hearts of all the fans is the Cameo app.

By letting users get personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities, the app has made quite an astonishing welcome among the entertainment freaks. Be it a celebrity from the music, film, or sports industry, the users pay the celebrities, and they get a personalized video in return. 

It is one of the many apps that give entrepreneurs an inspiring idea of celebrity shoutout app development for a highly profitable business. Guessing that you are one of them, let’s get into this short snippet of the blog that’ll give you a peek into the development of a Cameo Clone app. 

A Clone app is nothing but the replica of the original app that differs only in the features and functionalities, and here the application of our interest is the Cameo. So, let’s look into the Cameo Clone features that are of most need during the development. 

  • One-on-one video streaming 
  • Profile- The feature that lets users learn more about the celebrities
  • Public feed- The users can share their videos and can also view what the other users share
  • Comments- The users can chat with the celebrities and ask them anything
  • Geo-location- Users can find the celebrities who are at their locality

Cost to develop such an app as Cameo 

The cost of development, be it from scratch development or it is off-the-rack development, the cost cannot be revealed, as it is not of a fixed rate. The price usually depends on the functionality of the app. The richer the functionality is and the more the features are, the larger will be the budget. Every feature added, tags along with a separate cost, and does time and effort. 

Wrapping up

Now that you got a peek at the app, jump into the development as soon as you can, to stay ahead of the competition. Get to our TurnkeyTown development team now to get your hands on the Cameo Clone script and propel it soon!