Rubber blooming refers to the phenomenon that a liquid or solid compounding agent is moved from the inside of the rubber to the surface of the rubber causing whitening of the rubber product.

Apart from the discoloration and poor appearance of rubber and its article rubber blooming could also lead to the loss of adhesion. Rubber is the one main component for tyre manufacturers, and they might not be concerned about the appearance of their rubber tyre. However, the fact blooming can cause the loss of adhesion, increase the chances of contamination, and decrease the life of rubber is why they try to prevent the blooming.

How they do so?

To prevent rubber blooming, insoluble sulfur is the most preferred choice in the tyre industries. There are several manufacturers of insoluble sulfur, such as OCCL that provide high-grade insoluble sulfur products and help tyre industries to present the most durable tyre to us.