Crystex HS OT 20 a non-blooming vulcanizing agent, which helps the rubber from blooming and improves its physical properties. It is mainly used in the tire industry. Wondering what it’s used for? 

Major application and properties of Crystex HS OT 20:

It is polymeric insoluble sulfur (which is insoluble in elastomers). It helps in  preventing the migration of sulfur and eliminates surface tack.  

At high temperatures, Crystex HS OT 20 de-polymerize itself into soluble sulfur, acting similar to the sulfur of rubber makers.

It is easy to handle and considered the best of its metastable state. As it can revert to soluble sulfur anytime under the proper conditions.

High-grade Crystex HS OT 20 offers high thermal stability, which helps in avoiding rubber blooming.

It is a non-staining vulcanizing agent, it doesn’t leave any color, and helps to get the desired final product.