Practo Clone: An On-Demand Doctors Appointment App For Patients

Due to the pandemic situation, the government implemented strict lockdowns in many places. It was difficult for many people to consult a doctor. With smartphones, everything became possible in the blink of an eye. Telemedicine apps like Practo have paved the way for those who require medical attention to consulting a doctor.

Practo Clone App is an on-demand user-friendly app with the most advanced features. People can now consult healthcare professionals online, even from remote locations. Patients’ past medical records are securely stored in the app, and only healthcare professionals and patients can access them.

Let’s see how the Practo clone app can bring your business fortune.
A commission fee is collected from the app’s doctors’ consultation fee, a consistent revenue-generating tool.
There are various subscription plans available for users to choose from and plan accordingly.
Apart from the regular programs, a freemium subscription is available to enjoy few advanced features.
Advertisements of healthcare products like the adverts of the pharmacy are charged to promote their products.

More than 10,000 doctors use the Practo telemedicine app. There are more than 10 million electronic patient records, and more than 7 million appointments are made each year. Many entrepreneurs are looking forward to building a Practo clone. Looking at the demand, creating a Practo clone app will make your business excel in no time. So cut the wait and build your telemedicine app like Practo with the highly advanced clone script and customize it according to your business needs.