Popular features of Tinder that you should include in your video-sharing app

Yes, with the recent buzz, TikTok has been widely used by many people as they like to create videos & DIY content and share them. As there are so many trending social media apps in existence, starting a business by developing the TikTok like app is a clever decision. Before that, you have to know which features make the TikTok clone app more popular. Some of them are as follows.

Video scroll

Once the users complete the registration process, they can see videos selected specifically for them by Artificial Intelligence. Also, they can see the most popular videos. Basically, it is an infinite scroll so that the users can keep on enjoy watching short videos.

Like, comment, and share

This feature will allow the users to like and comment on the video. Apart from these, they can share this video with their friends who are using the app. Moreover, the app facilitates the users to send the video on different platforms.

Save the liked videos

This feature lets the users save the liked videos and backtrack them when they need only within the TikTok clone app.


Make sure your video-sharing app supports multiple filters of different types. Users can select the background and filter when they are editing the video they have created.

Audio catalog

Using this feature, users can find videos posted on particular music. This is one of the primary features that attracts many users to TikTok.

Apart from these popular features, you can also consider adding new features that users might like. How do you know which feature the users will like? You have to conduct market research and understand your target audience. Also, analyzing your competitors will help you to have a better idea. Now, you are ready for Tiktok clone app development. Contact us and get your video-sharing app launched instantly.