P2P lending software safeguards the platform. It has anti-distributed denial of service protection from attacks to make a network unavailable for potential users. It is SQL injected, which protects it from malicious inputs submitted by attackers.  It has prevented self-XSS, which prevents unauthorized illegal access. 

P2P lending software gives easy access to loans with a risk appetite. The features it provides are –

  • Automated workflow
  • Multilingual
  • Compatibility with different channels
  • Dashboards for executive tasks.

Easy-to-use interface, Fast process, Flexible, Scalability, affordable, Seamless API integration are some of the benefits that it provides. P2P lending Software offers customization and a cost- effective solution. Its features include- No involvement of any third party, trustworthy and secured, Decentralized, loan calculator, Credit score record, Multi-layer security, KYC and AML process done, loan feedback, and many others.