In the last many months, there has been a notable improvement in the use of analysis around OnlyFans, a peer-to-peer subscription app, where creators often post domestic content.

COVID-19 has destroyed America’s cash flow, and they have to adapt to ways they can get their ends meet. The news of GoFundMe campaigns regarding medical bills is no stranger to the controversy, and over the last several years, there has been an undeniable rise in Onlyfans Clone. But this new twist of crowdfunding makes users much more unsafe than that.

What do the data say?

OnlyFan’s Twitter following is has increased to 84% from only five months before, showing that the app has seen increased traffic and online prominence in a short time since the pandemic.

The organization has expanded in a short time. Its Linkedin Headcount currently is at 256, an increase of 228% from 78 employees in April. The firm has hired aggressively, perhaps to help the increased traffic and capitalize on this period of growth.

OnlyFans has seen an improvement in the traffic from both the creators and the end-users. Many people are returning to the Onlyfans Clone app for the additional income while others for more time on their hands secured at home turn to it to support creators and receive content.

The Full Picture

Americans have been consuming more time on the internet during COVID-19, and the industry has been an especially large beneficiary of the increased screen time. Video-hosting website Zoom previously released a series of “Coronavirus Traffic Update” data blogs tracking its web traffic during COVID-19 as opposed to normal days before the pandemic (We’ll spare you the hyperlink, though their press website is free of any content). It regularly observed that traffic has increased as much as 25% over the past counts.

As with any platform, some people have made a significant living by creating content on OnlyFans. Creator Monica Hult spoke to Business Insider before March just before the Coronavirus began, explaining that she makes over $100,000 per year from the app. The users of the app were high enough in May to maintain this kind of financial result, and it has grown hugely since then, no doubt helping support the lives of several other creators in the meantime.

OnlyFans is not only used to distribute content. Many do it to create a new lifestyle, assist, or advise content as well. However, perhaps unsurprisingly, it has become well known for creators of creative material.

Go Ahead

If you’re considering about getting started on OnlyFans, you may find more progress than most if you already have a built-in following on any other platform like Youtube, Twitch and Instagram before joining OnlyFans.

There is more money to be made as a creator on this app, but be particularly cautious. Your work could be redistributed and shared by others trying to see the content without paying for it, and should this app face a further data breach as so many others do, something even more dangerous than your credit card information could be released online.

About the Data:

Thinknum records companies using the data they post online, jobs, social and traffic, product sales, and app ratings, and creates data sets that measure factors like hiring, revenue, and foot traffic.