Uber and Zomato are some of the on-demand applications which make huge sums of money in this fast-moving world. A simple search will fetch you enormous results regarding the Uber Clone scripts. Scripts help you to set up an app in the easiest way possible. But are they effective in the long run? What are the factors to be considered before adapting to scripts? 

Talking about reality, why would an Uber customer ditch the international brand and choose your app? Offering additional features is one of the ways to attract customers. Let’s say you built the app using scripts. As time passes, the features you offered will become outdated. If the customers approach you with new issues, you won’t be able to update the features. This will drive the customers away.             

There are several other limitations to consider when buying Uber clone scripts, they are as follows:

Old database structure

The development of scripts occurred right after the entry of Uber in business. More than 7 years have passed since Uber’s entry, so obviously, the scripts are obsolete. The usage of old storage formats will result in a slow app. The current storage format is MYSQLi.

One-time coding

When you buy the Uber Clone scripts, you get some codes that you can tweak as you wish, to serve your purpose. You need a developer or a team to add more features or functions to the app. Ensuring that you get an app of your dream is not the seller’s responsibility.


As the customers start using the app, introducing new features or updates becomes hard with scripts. The app developer you hire needs to understand the script, find places that need to be changed, and apply new codes. This will drag the app development process and make the whole affair extremely complicated.

Cheap Copy

Scripts are a cheap copy of coding, which removes the ability of the provider to edit the script. As it will be an old copy of coding, you won’t be able to get the latest and updated features in your app. Your Uber clone will be working on the old version of OS.

Compromised Security

On-demand apps are susceptible to frequent attacks from hackers. Old technologies and formats of the scripts will be a piece of cake for the hackers. The case here, with scripts, is similar. 

Absence of Maintenance Services

A script provider will not offer you maintenance services. If there is a maintenance provider, then the professional won’t be knowledgeable enough with the latest technology. So, a creepy bug after purchase can become a serious problem.

What to do?

On-demand app solutions are the answer to the problem of scripts. A solution service provider develops an on-demand app for a customer and manages several things related to it, including maintenance, branding, and adding advanced features to it.

You get a complete application when you choose on-demand app development services. A company offering these services such as Uber like app, handles everything from the very beginning of an app to its launch on the app store. There is always a team of experienced developers who work closely with you to ensure that they are creating an app that matches your vision. In addition to development, they also handle maintenance and provide you with 24/7 support.

An on-demand app development service provider ensures quality, security, support, and innovation. Check out our Uber Clone app here.