One application for all your needs, we all know this concept but few companies are earning billions of dollars by just this concept. This concept was bringed into reality by Gojek, an app based in Indonesia. It allows customers to book 30+ on-demand services like grocery delivery, taxi services, food services etc. Advancement in technology and busy lifestyle have increased demand for such applications. This multi-service app concept was accepted quickly by people, making gojek one of the most popular applications. Many startups and Budding entrepreneurs have analysed the success and demand ratio of this application, and started investing in Gojek Clone App Development. There are many applications available in the market, first analyse and choose all-in-one app as per your business area of operation. Let’s Discuss some key points for the Users application.

Features for User In Multi-Service application

Easy Login: Users should login with a social media account or just by phone number. Simple process allows new users to easily register for your services.

Multi-Language: Whole world speaks their own languages. Your application should integrate with multiple languages, this allows users to easily navigate within the application.

Multiple Payment Option: Your gojek clone application should support wide payment options. People prefer multiple payment options with secured payment gateways. Payment through e-wallets, credit card/ debit card, UPI, Tap and Go, You system should accept every payment.

Review and Ratings: Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will improve your services. It is extremely important to take feedback from your customer. 

Notification: Admin can directly send promotional offers and coupons directly to users’ accounts.

Pandemic Situation: Right Time to invest

Offering multi-services with one application is very cost effective, in comparison to building each separate application for taxi service, grocery delivery, food delivery. For such special all-in-one applications always choose expert app development company or app developer teams.