Gojek is one of the most popular multi-service applications based in Indonesia. Working on the All-in-one app concept, they have developed the most successful application. This application has got millions of downloads on the app store and play store. The reason for such huge success is that people are living hectic and busy lives. They prefer quick solutions, rather going to market every service is now available on their phone. Many big companies and startups have started their own multi-services app, but to make a business successful you need to invest in Gojek Clone script. Other applications offer around 30+ services with their script. With our clone script, you can offer more than 52+ services instantly. From Grocery to Doctors, you can offer every service directly with your own application.

Gojek Clone Admin Panel Features

Simple Dashboard: Offering multiple services and managing it, is a huge task. Our dashboard is so powerful that it allows admin to see detailed stats, revenue or loss tracking, new customer details, etc. 

Manage Customer: Our Gojek clone panel allows Admin to modify and manage customers easily. By knowing your customer’s you can curate offers as per their demands.

Detailed Reports: Admin can download and analyze all reports regarding customer feedbacks, service providers reports, customer reports.

Manage Daily operations: Admin panel works as the heart in the human body, it manages each and every operation of the business. Every new customer entry, ride details, service request are stored in the database. The system automatically generates requests to the concerned department.

Instant Notifications: Admin can send promotional messages, coupons directly to customers, drivers. Admin can also send messages to every service provider as well.


Offering all the services with one application, sound simple? But to develop a multi-service application, you really need an experienced app developer team or app development company.