The perfect app listing on the app stores is influenced by a number of things. As easy as it might seem, the nuances of it can sometimes become difficult to tackle.

Whether you are willing to publish apps for Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or both, creating the best app previews can be quite a challenge.

However, it plays an instrumental role in driving the attention of potential app users and inspiring app downloads. So, stay with us till the end and discover some crucial tips and tricks for the same.

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Tips to create the best App Previews for app stores

Go through the tips listed below and create app previews like a pro. Curate amazing content and list your app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Inspire more downloads and traction.

#1: Tell the full story in half a minute

Although you can upload a video of up to two minutes, you should limit it to crisp 30 seconds. The attention span of users is decreasing, and it is tough to keep them hooked for long.

Hence, a short and compelling preview is likely to garner more attention and create a greater impact. Try to create a short and convincing brand story. Highlight all the unique and helpful features that can tell a gripping tale and summarize the app experience.

#2: Create an impact in first few seconds

As stated above, the short attention span of impulsive netizens is a big issue. They want everything to be available yesterday and everything to be accessible within the blink of an eye.

Hence, try to make the first few seconds of the preview count. Do not waste it in creating a build-up. In fact, the first five to seven seconds are the most crucial. Try to grab their attention here.

#3: Localize the app video and meta data

Every country has its own language of business and marketing. Hence, it is important that you localize the app preview video content accordingly. This can be done using some language tools and extensions.

You should also optimize the app store’s meta data including the app name, keywords, description, etc., and expand its distribution potential. This will also benefit you with your ASO endeavors.

#4: Use testing platforms for perfection

The app stores come with their unique guided testing platforms that you can leverage to perfect your app previews. It will help you gain technical insights and chisel your video to perfection.

For instance, you can test for the significance of one or more videos, the content of the video, orientation, order of appearance, and more.

#5: Stand out among other apps

Your primary aim should be to catch the attention of your potential users and make it count. This can only be achieved if your app stands out in the crowd of other similar apps.

While there are many other factors that contribute to it, your app listing strategy can also make a huge difference. So, ensure that your listing is perfect, and the preview video is backed by other smart elements like a great logo, app icon, screenshots, etc.

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