Limitations that you can address while developing your adult Fanclub subscription app

The adult Fanclub subscription app, like Onlyfans, has been gaining popularity and spiked in usage. The platform has 60 million users and 750,000 entertainers globally.
Only fans have given a good platform for the erotic performers to earn the appropriate amount of money for their work. Ever since the pandemic, more and more entertainers have been signing up in the app, and so are the users. Hence, many entrepreneurs are looking forward to developing a white-label premium fan club app using the Onllyfans clone. Although it is a revenue-generating idea, there are few limitations that you need to address.

Limitations to be addressed

Stolen content
Onlyfans had this limitation where many contents we stole from other adult sites were used, and they were not exclusive to only fans app in the first place. The base of the app is that the users pay to watch exclusive content. And to watch content which is on any other site, why would they pay? This can be addressed in your only fans clone, and a constant check by the admin is needed to ensure that there is no stolen content in the app.

Instagram morphing
Many pictures of the Instagram models and influencers were morphed and used by the Onlyfans. On, the inquiry seems that the models never used Onlyfans at all. This issue needs to be addressed in your Onlyfans clone app and see the authentication of the models.

Child porn
Child porn is a definite no, no matter how exclusive the content is, we never have or never will promote pedophilia. There needs to stricter rules to screen content for child porn, and your only fans clone app shouldn’t have such content

Limited tipping
Onlyfans have limited the tipping that the entertainers could get; this affects the revenue of the models. This has to be addressed, and you should let loose the tipping system in your only fans clone app because, after all, we all are trying to put food on the plate and don’t want the performers facing hardship in earning money.

The discrepancy in money transfer
The Onlyfans site has a 30-day payout, which means that the creators may have to wait a month before transferring money from the site to their bank accounts. This can be a significant hassle, and this needs to be undone in your Onlyfans clone app.