Companies that need software solutions or planning to create an IT department or transfer some task to remote professionals are stuck with the choice. What is better outstaffing vs outsourcing?


And before making a decision, you should learn the differences:

  • Outsourcing is the way of remote hire when one company or an entrepreneur employs another company to deliver a solution or complete defined tasks. Outsourcing is used when you don’t need continuous support and development and would like to get the end product. Outsourcers are not dedicated to your project and may handle other clients simultaneously.
  • Outstaffing is also the way of remote hire, but you are getting a dedicated resource that meets your needs. These can be a single professional to work with your team or a fully independent team that is focused on your needs. The primary difference of outstaffing is that it is similar to in-house hire. Still, the people working on your tasks are working from the outstaffing company office, and this company handles all the legal issues without your participation.